My Southern Momma’s Sayings

I know there’s some debate about where Oklahoma fits in culturally: are we Midwest, Southwest, or Southern? I’m not gonna answer that one today. But what I do know, is my momma is about as Southern as they come.

That sweet woman blesses every ailing heart, drinks gallons of iced tea, and adds butter to literally everything. She never goes out in public without her hair nice & bouffant, and her make up set to last.


What makes my mom extra special is she’s got her own vocabulary. These are little phrases probably passed down from her mom that I’ve heard and used all my life. It wasn’t until college I realized no one outside our family used some of these words.

So, in honor of this lovely lady, here are a few of her sayings:

Yornkin (your-n-kin): quit griping

“Jessie, quit yornkin at me or you’re fixin to get a spankin’!”


Dooners (doon-ers): underwear

“Get those dooners off your head right now.”




Kahoonies (kah-hoon-ees): body part, possibly bum

“You better get your kahoonies in gear if you wanna get there on time!”


Swizzle (swiz-uhl): sneak, slide, or put on

“Swizzling into these workout pants was totally worth it.”


Buttons are bustin’ (): super proud

“You did such a great job–my buttons are just bustin’!”


Thanks, Mom, for being you. Wouldn’t want it any other way.




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