Healing or Miracle Part 1

The Difference Between Miracles and Healing

I’ve dealt with chronic migraines for about 15 years. There’s been seasons of some relief, with maybe only 2 headaches per week. There’s also been seasons where I wasn’t able to function regularly because I’d have 15-20 migraines per month.

I went a tough season with them recently. Starting last May, I began having at minimum 4 migraines per week. If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing a migraine just imagine a little tiny man right behind your eye blowing it up like a tire. And then another mini man using a cattle prod on your jaw, neck, and shoulder blades. Light (any light) puts you at the mercy of the orcs. But the pain keeps you up, so there’s no sleeping through it. Sounds fun, right?

I’ve prayed for years that God would heal me of this illness. But, what I didn’t realize is what I was expecting was a miracle, not healing. I’ve learned that God does both: miracles and healing. But they are two completely different experiences.

The Bible tells us that Jesus did both. He performed many miracles to demonstrate who He is (the Son of God) and what He’s bringing (victory over sin).

One of my favorite miracles of Jesus is about the hemorrhaging woman. There was a woman who’d been bleeding for 12 years. She’d gone to doctors, specialist, anyone who might be able to help and was told her illness was incurable. It wasn’t just physical pain that she endured. She was “unclean” and couldn’t be around other people because she might make them sick. She was alienated from everything and everyone in her life.

What I like about her is that she knew Jesus could heal her. She’d only heard stories, but He’d changed other’s lives. And He was near. If she could only get close enough to touch him (which wasn’t allowed for someone unclean like her), he’d make her well.

She saw the massive crowd of people following Jesus. Her head kept low, she shuffled through weaving through everyone, inching closer. When she close enough, she didn’t make a scene. She didn’t cry out. She knelt down & gently touched the very edge of His clothes. It was the smallest touch that showed the greatest faith.

Jesus didn’t feel her touch his clothes. What he felt was his healing power going out from him. This wasn’t like a zap or lightning strike. It showed that He physically reacted when He healed people. It took energy and strength to heal others.

He could’ve just kept walking, knowing what had happened & keeping it to Himself. But He loved this woman. He wanted her to know it wasn’t magic that saved her, but her faith in His healing power that had made her well.

Can you imagine how she felt? She’d been cast out, called dirty, told she’d never be healed. And now here she was: surrounded by the very people who’d dismissed her, and face to face with her healer. He turns and asks who touched Him. It’s no surprise that she kinda fell apart when He focused on her.

There are 3 things Jesus did in this moment that changed the trajectory of her life:

  • He told her she belongs. She went from outcast to being a daughter of the King.
  • He gave her testimony to share. Jesus healed her. Her! The dirty outcast. She can tell everyone about who saved her.
  • She’s given peace. She didn’t know how long she’d live or how. Now she can move forward in peace and hope.

This story is an example of a miracle. She doesn’t wait for healing, but receives it instantly. The Bible tells us 37 different miracles Jesus performed. If you’re interested in reading more of them, I’d recommend starting in Luke.

While we have 37 stories in the Bible, we know Jesus healed many other people. Jesus also did many other things. If they were all written down, I suppose the whole world could not contain the books that would be written.” John 21:25 I’m so curious to know what those stories are. 

For now, I’ll share my experience with healing from migraines in part 2 of this series. It’s not a miracle, but a work in progress.




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