Healing or Miracle Part 2

The Difference Between Healing & Miracles Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 of this series, be sure to start there.

Do you ever pray & feel like it doesn’t go anywhere? Or you feel like you must be doing it right because you keep getting the wrong answer?

I’ve been there a lot. I think that’s pretty normal—not that it’s okay to stay in that place, but it’s normal.

I know God’s not my personal genie. He’s not here to serve my whims and wishes. I’m His servant & His child—sometimes that means getting a no when I was sure I absolutely needed a yes.

Okay, so like I mentioned in Part 1, I’ve dealt with chronic migraines for years. I’ve prayed regularly that I’d be healed of them. I just kind of thought in the back of my mind that one day I’d wake up and they’d be gone: poof.


My sister recently recommended a deep tissue massage therapist. She’s a P.A. and gets the ins & outs of migraines treatments I’ve tried in the past.

I figured, “why not?” At the very least, I walk out with a nice massage.

Lemme just let you in on a secret: deep tissue massage isn’t nice. It’s more like a being tossed in a dryer and for an hour. So if you’re looking to just get rubbed on a little, go to a spa instead.

The first time I saw Melissa (the massage therapist) she told me she believes health and faith are connected. She prays over every client & relies on the Holy Spirit to guide her to the places where she needs to work.

She was busy kneading my neck like pizza dough & randomly says, “Have you been thinking about writing a blog?”

My first thoughts were, “What the heck? Who is this woman? And how in the world does she know?” Every night for a week, I’d dreamed about blogging. I’d woken up thinking about it every morning, & wasn’t sure why.

I didn’t know why, she didn’t know why, but the Holy Spirit did.

Then she said, “It’s time for you to start it. There are people who need to read what you have inside you. Your following will be much larger than you ever expected.”

Y’all. God moves in the craziest ways. I never thought I’d be lying on a table getting poked & pushed only to have someone speak truth over me so powerfully.  My mind was turning at 90mph. I was so pumped & nervous the same time.

“God’s choosing me to write a blog? God’s choosing me.”

A couple things have happened since that first time I met Melissa:

  • You’re currently reading the blog we talked about.
  • I’ve had only had 4 migraines in 2 months.

I went from 5-6 migraines per week to 2 per month! That is healing in action. It’s unbelievable to me that I don’t have to take medicine for them anymore. I don’t even think about them hardly at all. It was a defining part of my life for so long and now I’m free.

Starting this blog is also healing. I get crazy excited thinking about someone being encouraged by my rants. Not just encouraged, but finding out God has more for them and that they matter.

Life is messy & this blog’s messy. I’ve got typos, too many adverbs, & incomplete sentences. You know what though? I don’t care. What I care about is being obedient to God’s call on my life. He’s called me to write and that’s awesome because He’s awesome.

I’d prayed for a miracle, but I know God so much better because He healed me over time. What have you been wishing away? What do you pray about that just hasn’t disappeared off your plate?



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